Well, it’s been a longer than usual Summer, but the cooler months are just around the corner. So if you’ve got an evaporative ducted air conditioning unit, it’s time to consider what it will be doing for Winter. That’s where our ‘Winter Shutdown Service’ comes in.

You’ll want your evaporative unit safely and properly shut down for the Winter season. If it’s not shut down properly, you could experience Winter draughts coming into your home through the unit and your ducts. Heat can also escape through the ducts and unit, increasing your Winter energy bill.

What we do?

When you book a ‘Winter Shutdown Service’ with Ryan Ardill Air Conditioning, our trained technicians will attend your property and take care of the entire shutdown process.

We’ll safely access your roof, where we’ll turn off any electricity and water that feeds to your unit.

We’ll also turn off any power switches or taps on the unit itself.

Next, we attend to the inside components of your system. The ducting. Most systems have vents with adjustable blades to direct or shut-off the air flow. We close them all off for you, ensuring your heated air stays inside while the cold winter air stays outside.

After that, we fit the winter bag cover that came with your unit (depending on the brand) and secure it for the following months’ weather.

Finally, we tidy up. We make sure there’s no mess or debris left anywhere, and you’re now set to enjoy the benefits of having a properly shutdown evaporative unit for Winter.

When’s the best time for a ‘Winter Shutdown’?

We normally see the weather changing in mid to late March. So, April’s definitely the best time to take advantage of our ‘Winter Shutdown Service’. However, we do take a lot of bookings, and you don’t want to leave it too late. So,get in touch with us now and we’ll book you in.