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    Service & Maintenance

    Here at Ryan Ardill Air Conditioning our experienced team of fully qualified Refrigeration Mechanics are here to help. With extensive knowledge of the service and maintenance of units, there are no problems we can’t fix.

    We offer our valued customers a range of options to suit there budget and needs. Regular servicing of units will ensure you never need to call us because the unit has stopped working. The regular servicing and correcting small problems will save you our valued customers a lot of money in major repair costs.

    Regular service and maintenance reduces the load on the units also. This ensures that the unit is running the most efficient it can. The reduction of load on the unit also means lower energy usage.

    Sometimes you may not get the comfortable surrounding (warm/ cool) with the Air conditioner even you use it in its full capacity.

    Your unit loses 5 percent of its efficiency every year. If you complete regular maintenance every year, you can get 90 – 95 percent efficiency for many years.

    Ready to talk to one of our qualified technicians regarding your needs? We are available for a free no obligation consultation to discuss your needs. Simply contact us here or call our office on 1300 AIR PRO (247 776), or email