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    Planning & Design

    Once you have decided that you need a new heating or cooling system, the next step is planning and design. Designing an air conditioning system might not seem like a lot of work but there are many factors to consider which requires a high level of skill and advice to provide you with the best solution.

    Regardless if you are purchasing a split system or whole home ducted solution this step is critical. There are multiple units available for different applications and as such, it is imperative to have the system designed with your lifestyle and home layout in mind. This will ensure you are buying the most efficient system to minimise running costs.

    As an example of things to consider attention needs to be given to heat transfer through walls, doors and roof spaces. Understanding the position and size of your windows is also important, which may be a source of passive heat. The orientation of both the home and unit location will affect the system performance.

    As you can see, designing a system that is right for your home is crucial. We will always take the time to discuss the options while making sure the most viable solution is available to you.

    Here at Ryan Ardill Air Conditioning, we have collectively over 30 years of designing, sales and installation experience so you can be assured no shortcuts are taken when designing and planning your installation!

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