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    Ducted Heating and Cooling Units

    If you are looking for year-round comfort, then installing a ducted system is ideal. This will guarantee consistent temperatures throughout your home as the system heats or cools multiple rooms at once. With most systems described, there is the option of zoning. Zoning is the ability to divide your home into sections so individual areas can be cooled/warmed enabling you to easily transfer capacity without wasting energy. You are in complete control through a simple flick of a switch giving you fantastic flexibility. Zoning is not only practical but economical. There are three options to consider when installing a ducted system. They are:

    Reverse Cycle

    Within Australia, there are minimum standards that need to be met and guidelines that our technicians need to follow. These guidelines and standards will be adhered to, ensuring your system meets all the necessary professional requirements. Finally, upon completion, the technicians will test the system ensuring all is operating at peak efficiency. You will also be shown how best to operate the equipment along with any maintenance requirements. This way you can get the best performance and longevity of the system knowing you have peace of mind in terms of keeping running costs to an absolute minimum.

    Evaporative Cooling

    This is where outside hot air enters the cooling unit located on your roof. It is then filtered and cooled as it passes through specially designed moistened filter pads. A fan then blows this cooled/filtered air throughout your home via attached ductwork in the roof space. The hot air that is located in the home is forced out through selected open windows or doors providing your entire home with a complete natural fresh air change every two minutes.

    Gas Heating

    With energy costs skyrocketing the ability to heat your whole home with gas is a great option for the family home. Gas is known as one of the most effective ways of heating and is very cost effective. With the ability to create instant warmth it will keep the whole family happy. Gas heating is less drying and more natural than other forms of heating. Gas heating also has the advantage of reducing environmentally damaging emissions compared with most other forms of heating.

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