Maintenance Checklist

Did you know that pilots and surgeons who have been doing their job for years still use checklists before they start their work?

These professionals need to go through their checklist to be sure they don’t miss anything while doing their job. It’s necessary to have everything on their checklist to do their work well. This is also the case with maintaining air conditioning systems.

It doesn’t matter if you have a simple window type air conditioner or a more complicated unit. Air conditioning runs on the same basic principals that only the experts are familiar with.

Qualified Training

These professionals have the right training before they got out into the field. They’ve also handled different AC-related problems in both residential and commercial buildings.

How do the professionals do it?

Aside from years of experience fixing air conditioners, they also have a Maintenance Checklist that they refer to. They might have already memorized it or has a reference in hand. By doing this, they’ll be able thoroughly to check and maintain your air conditioner. Here’s a part of the list they usually refer to:

  • Check and tighten electrical connections
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Check the system controls
  • Clean coils and blower components

Looks simple, right? But to do complete these items correctly, they need to go through a lot of training first. Your technician may also be required to do additional procedures based on the present condition of the AC system.

For example, they can additionally check, clean and then replace air filters. Regularly checked and cleaned air conditioning units will save on energy costs. You can also enjoy your air conditioner for a longer time.

What are the things you can do yourself to see if your AC is running efficiently?

Make sure to write down on your calendar the next time you need to get your air filters replaced.

Ideally, your air filters should be replaced every 12 months. If you don’t want to bother writing it down on your calendar, the professionals who installed them can also do this for you.

The professionals who inspect your air conditioner will have their checklist with them, so they’ll be able to identify the problem right away. They’re also trained to work fast and efficiently, so you and your family will have no problem going about your day at home.