We hear the word “Inverter” all the time when buying air conditioners. They say that it’s better since it gets you more bang for your buck in the long haul. But what is an Inverter exactly? Well, an inverter is a Variable Speed Drive and what it does is it allows the motor in the compressor to run slower when your room has already reached the desired temperature.

How does an inverter save energy?

A conventional reverse cycle air conditioner has to start and stop. But an inverter doesn’t do this because when the room has reached the desired temperature, the motor slows down thus using less electricity. To make it easier to understand, I’ll use an example.

Let’s say you’re driving your car. You stomp down on the accelerator until you get to the speed limit then you take your feet off the accelerator completely. Then when your speed drops below the speed limit, you push your foot down on the accelerator and do the same thing all over again. You keep doing this to maintain the car at the correct speed. But by doing this, you will consume a lot of fuel. This is exactly how conventional air conditioners operate. But inverter models work just how you would normally drive. When you’re near the speed limit, you ease your foot on the accelerator and just give it a few revs now and then to keep to the speed limit.

Are Inverters taking over the conventional units?

As a matter of fact, a number of manufacturers are now removing non-inverter models from production. This is needed to stay up to date with the government’s required energy efficiency requirements.