An ARC Fridgy, a Sparky, & a Plumber walk into…

Alarmingly, we often encounter customers who have employed the services of an Electrician or a Plumber to work on their Air Conditioner. Depending on which part of your system requires attention, it is conceivable to think that an Electrician or a Plumber might be the right person to call. But really, the only person who should ever be working on your system is a Fridgy, or a Cert 3 Trade Qualified Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Mechanic. If they don’t have an ARC License, don’t take the risk.

The right person for the job…

Although an Electrician may seem like the appropriate trade to be working on an electrical issue in your system, they’re actually not qualified to service or repair Air Conditioners unless they have specific qualifications. If you’re not sure if they’re qualified, ask to see their ARC license.

If they don’t have the correct licensing, then it’s extremely unlikely they have undergone the proper training and shown proven competency to safely undertake the work. Besides putting you and your family at risk, their work may also affect your home insurance and void the warranty on your Air Conditioner.

Ask to see their ARC card before you let them start any works. It should state “Full Refrigeration & Air Conditioning” on the front, not “Restricted Split Systems Installation”.

ARMA SmartCard

The Australian Refrigeration Mechanics Association (ARMA) has a growing network of trade qualified fridgy members that are easily identified by asking to see their ARMA SmartCard.

The first and most important thing you should know about ARMA Smart Cards is that if the person you’re dealing with doesn’t have one, or can’t (or won’t) show it to you, you’re taking a big risk by letting them do any work on your system.

The ARMA card is your guarantee that you are dealing with a trained, qualified, and reputable Refrigeration Mechanic.