Have you ever wondered if your air-conditioning system is running as well as it could? Or if it’s as efficient as it should be? And how can you tell? Most people rely on an air-conditioning technician attending their property to undertake an assessment and provide their opinion. So how do you know that that opinion is accurate, or unbiased? Well, allow us to introduce imanifold.

At Ryan Ardil Air-Conditioning, we have this really cool (no pun intended) diagnostic tool called imanifold that shows you in real time, exactly how well your system is performing and if higher efficiency levels can be attained. In Adelaide, this tool can only be accessed through Ryan Ardil Air Conditioning. It’s pretty “techy”, and for the techy people out there you can view the tool’s features here.

For the not-so-techy amongst us, it works like this…

We can come to your property, plug your system into the imanifold diagnostic tool, and then extract all the required information through the tool’s software. This information tells us what your system is doing, what it could be doing, and what it should be doing. That’s it. Really simple and easy.

From there, we can advise on what we think should happen, or indeed not happen to your system. It could be that your system is already performing at peak levels of output and efficiency. Or, we may ascertain from the results that you could benefit from some improvements such as re-designing of your duct layout or servicing of your system.

If the installation of your system is sub-standard (and we see that a lot) the imanifold tool can tell us if it’s not performing to its proper design, and whether or not the design itself is inadequate.